Los Cabos: Something For Everyone
Los Cabos: Something For Everyone

The Water Lover

Water lovers flock to Los Cabos to immerse themselves in a realm teeming with sea creatures. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean

on the West and the Sea of Cortez to the East, Los Cabos is paradise for surfing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing, swimming, paddle boarding and sailing. World-class snorkeling opportunities abound at Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, known as the only living coral reef in western North America. Those with more experience can down an air tank and dive

down to any one of 14 dive sites. Undersea thrill seekers can make the 28-mile trip out to the wreck of the El Vencedor.

Admire El Arco from the shore or jump on some jet skis and ride out to see it up close.


Surfing is another way to enjoy the deep blue sea. Catch some beginner waves at Surf School or if you already know the basics, chase down some waves at a protected cove where a consistent four- to six-foot surf can be enjoyed. Other challenging breaks in the area abound along the Corridor. If you’d rather enjoy the ocean while staying dry, the fantastic sailing conditions at the Sea of Cortez and breathtaking marine life, makes this an amazing place to set out to sea. There are very experienced service providers with professional equipment. A catamaran is one of the best options to admire the unparalleled marine life in Cabo.


Hydro Flight is the newest exciting sport shares the incredible sensation of taking off and controlling your

flight over the Sea of Cortez, professionals will make you feel safe but challenged the whole time.

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