Los Cabos: Something For Everyone
Los Cabos: Something For Everyone

The Spa Enthusiast

Los Cabos offers sensational spas, which include holistic wellness journeys influenced by ancient cultures and lunar cycles, where multi-sensory experiences incorporate the natural beauty of Los Cabos or state-of-the-art methods in a modern spa. Always in the spotlight, Los Cabos’ spas regularly garner awards and glowing reviews. Also always striving for distinction,

one serene escape may draw upon a global palette of soothing therapies while another emphasizes indigenous products like desert flowers, aloe, clay and herbs.


Experience Mexico’s oldest spa tradition, the Temazcal, an ancient steam lodge that relies on the healing powers of earth, fire, water and air to balance body, mind and spirit. Within the darkened chamber, participants are immersed in an aromatic

steam bath prompting deep relaxation and improved circulation. Many local resorts also offer traditional body and skincare therapies or if you’re staying in a villa, a mobile spa team can bring the pampering to your front door.

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