Los Cabos: Something For Everyone
Los Cabos: Something For Everyone

The Nature Buff

Named ‘the World’s Aquarium” by Jacques Cousteau, the crystal clear waters surrounding Cabo are abundant with marine

life from playful sea lions to baby turtles, migrating grey whales and the elusive sea horse. Go whale watching in Autumn

and Winter when multiple species (even endangered finback, gray and blue whales), travel from the arctic to mate and feast

on plankton. Take a trip out to El Arco to visit the infamous Sea Lion Colony or take a swim with one of the giant shark fish (we promise they are harmless!).

Looking for something on dry land? Los Cabos offers many hiking trails where you can discover the local flora and fauna a

long with various wildlife. Or take on the popular Mt. Solmar located near the Cabo Marina, which is less scary than it may look. For some exploration further afield, enjoy a day trip out of town and journey to magnificent waterfalls and hidden hot springs. From land to sea there are many opportunites to become "one with nature" and discover another side of Los Cabos.

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